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We have gotten good news all week; Even the doctor says that the tumor is melting. At the same time I want to help more and I can't I feel helpless. I try to have a postive attitude and most of the time I do. I just feel exausted, taking care of my mom, my brother, and my fiancee has finally taken it's toll. We are only eleven treatments out from the end of treatment and it feels like a life time. Is there anything I can do to make this easier on myself so that I can make it as easy as I can on my mom?

Some more good news is that she is loosing her water weight and her legs are not as swollen. 


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    Good News

    That's great news about your mom.  My advice to you is to reach out to family members or friends to get more help in taking care of all those other people.  That is WAY too many people to take care of for one person.  No wonder you are exhausted.  Depending on their age and ailment, there might be organizations that might be able to help some.  You have to take a break from care giving. 

    I hope you can get some rest.


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    Take a look at everything on your plate and start delegating or letting certain things just drop.  It is daunting but very freeing too.  You need to squirrel your energy for the important things and as they say - put your oxygen mask on first before helping others with theirs. 

    Sending hugs  Anne

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    I recommend what the other

    I recommend what the other posters have said.   Delegate, eliminate, celebrate - treat yourself to a spa treatment somewhere - unplug the phone for a bit (hard to do!) - give yourself at least 15 minutes of Noise Free Pollution - walk in the park, stuff like that.

    My best to you and your mom.