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Hi All. Bev's sister, Shirley, posting here. 

So many of you are kind enough to continue to contact Bev and send prayers and well wishes and question how she is doing. She is extremely weak and tired. The pain in her head is getting worse, to the point that Don is having to increase her doses of morphine. 

She is still on oral meds. Eating is out and has been for sometime. She tries to drink one Ensure a day but that is becoming infrequent. She takes her meds, cut up and/or crushed, in about 1/2 teaspoon each of yogurt. Quite exhausting for her to eat. 

A hospital bed was delivered yesterday. As she spends 24/7 lying down, often sleeping, for hours at a time. We are hoping this will be more comfortable. It will be easier on Don when he has to sit her up or to get her up and transport her to the bathroom. 

She us so weak that it is at times very hard fir her to talk. All through this difficult time you hear no complaints.

Don is an A NUMBER ONE CAREGIVER. Patient and understanding.

I wish I had some good news to give you but there is none. So sad for her suffering. Please send hugs and prayers for both her and Don.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected].



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    Wishing her and the family much peace, comfort and prayers during this time. 


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    I saw this on Facebook....

    my heart aches for Bev.  She was always such a strong spirit here....and many of us got our first "welcoming" from her....full of hope, courage, and kindness. 

    We're such a family here....and I'm going to miss her so much!  Hugs to you, your hubby....and giant hugs to Don.  Should we all have such a wonderful caretaker.


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    Hi Shirley


    Thank you for the up-date, let her know we are all praying for her. Also tell her there is a place in heaven that one day we will all meet and laugh at all we went through on this earth. Just being able to look into the eyes of Jesus and see the love He has for us all, someday we will understand the question "Why".


    Praying for all of you


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    Praying for Bev

    That she finds relief from her pain and comfort in knowing that she is loved immeasureably.

    Prayers also her for family who feel such pain and sorrow now...that they also be comforted in knowing that pain, sorrow and suffering do eventually heal with the salve of mercy, grace and love.


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    KTeacher T&P


    Thank you for letting us know about Bev, she is a vital piece to my H&N puzzle and I am extremely fond of her.

    Just be close to her, there is never enough time for all there is to say. 

    Lots of love,


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    prayers for grace

    During this difficult transition.  My thoughts are with all of you.

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    Thank you Shirley for the update.

    Thank you for updating us. Bev is on our thoughts often and just hopeing she can at least stay pain free. She has touched so many lives here on CSN. I wish there was just something to help her that we could do. She will always be in my thoughts and prayers. 


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    Thank you for taking the time to keep us up to date during such a difficult period. I will keep all of you in my prayers.  

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    MrsBD said:


    Thank you for taking the time to keep us up to date during such a difficult period. I will keep all of you in my prayers.  


    Bev is blessed to have family. like you. I know how difficult this is for you too. I can only let you know from this side, having a loving family is such a comfort.Bev gave me strength during difficult times.  I believe, I would have made the same choices Bev made and pray for her peace and comfort. 

    Love and Hugs,


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    Thank you..

    Hi Shirley,

    Thank you for the update on Bev. I pray for her comfort and serenity during these difficult times. 

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    Say hello from Tim6003 ---

    Whispered prayers ...so sorry to hear this news ...please tell her I said hello and I too will see her again one day ..........



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    thank you for the update on KTeacher, peace to all of you

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    Grandmax4 said:


    thank you for the update on KTeacher, peace to all of you

    thank you for the update

    We all have her in our prayers, always.....

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    Please know we walk with Bev and your entire family.  Family is so important, and the ability to make  this transition for your beautiful, strong, gentle sister filled with love and compassion.  Our thoughts and prayers continue.  Katie

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    Bev. I'm holding u in my

    Bev. I'm holding u in my prayer. Sending u hugs. So sad to hear u r suffering , much love send ur way.