Am I just a "worrywart"

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Hello all.

Question. I was diagnosed with UPSC (aggressive endometrial cancer) in May, 2011. I had a radical hysterectomy and chemo.  Declined radiation because my CA125 was a 4 and a PET scan showed no signs of cancer in my body. Back in March I started having pain in my groin, left side.  It was so bad for the first couple of weeks I couldn't bear weight, had to use crutches.  Towards the end of April I had an MRI which showed, "intense red marrow edema" in the left superior pubic ramus within the region of the pubic symphysis.  My orthopedist and oncologist vacillated back and forth about who should order a PET scan.  They both agreed I needed one but each wanted the other to order it.  So in my frustration, I went to an orthopedic oncologist. He said I needed to have a repeat MRI and if it did not show a stress fracture then I would need a bone biopsy.  I asked about a PET scan and he said he has seen patients with an SUV of "1" who actually ended up with mets to the bone and when it was diagnosed later down the road, of course, it was much more advanced. He was really pushing a bone biopsy, and, well my mother was in the final stages of dying from metatastic breast cancer and I just didn't need the additional stress of having a painful procedure since I was her primary caregiver.He told me if I changed my mind and wanted to bone biopsy that I should call him and he would set it up. I had an MRI with contrast on May 29th.  The MRI showed a stress fracture and the doc told me it would take 4-6 months to heal and to let pain be my guide. Well fast forward to October, 2015. I have not returned to my previous level of activity although I was still doing Pilates Reformer. After my pilates class I felt pain in the same region.  The next day I went grocery shopping and the more I walked the more it hurt.  It got so I could barely walk and so finished up my shopping.  I babied it for two more days and it's now a week later and I'm still hurting.  It feels as if a spike is being driven into my groin, even hurts at rest. Of course, we all know where the mind goes when things like this happen.  I'm about to call my oncologist and tell them that the pain is back, it's about a 4 but don't want it to get any worse as I live alone and have no one to help me that lives close by. I'm using ice and lidocaine patches, 12 hours on, 12 hours off and taking advil. I called the orthopedic oncologist's office on Monday but haven't heard anything back from his PA. So, I'm needing advice and wondering where to go from here. Thank you.