Worried for outpatient exposure to children

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I had my thyroid removed and lympnodes and so on and surgery hardly left a scar, loved the surgean. Now edroconologist has been horrible in returning calls and giving me information, had to switch doctor, but  I'm so upset and tired of fighting with doctor's and insurance blaming each other, I was told from the beginning that due to having small children at home I would be an inpatient but she was a new doctor to Sharp healthcare decided at the last minute that I could just figure out where to send my kids for a week she says? and didn't tell me till 3 weeks before my Radioiodine treatment, also my co worker has gone through process as an inpatient and has same doctor's and insurance and had a smooth process?  She mentioned she and her brother where exposed to mom's outpatiant treatment as children and now as adults both have 2 types of thyroid cancers? so I don't want to contaminate or pass this to my children.  Don't want them to have to go through this 10 years from now, also ruin my 18 year old son's reproductive system which doctor agreed on that will affect?  Don't want to take any chances, I'm only 1 week from treatment. I don't think it's fair that my partner has to organize his life for a week with work and getting our 3 year old back and forth from headstart and my college student has to pack and figure out where to go get homework done and sleep,  we sent my 11 year old step daughter to her mom's all the way to Washington.  Doctor told me I can't go to a Hotel but I can share my home with my kids as long as I'm 6 feet away from them???? so again, it's not safe to go isolate myself in a hotel but it's ok to share my home with my family, how do you explain to a crying 3 year old that he can't touch mom and need to stay away? I've thought of just living of my car for 3 days by the beach since Hotel is forbidden???? All for a decision a doctor made? I didn't ask for cancer.


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    inpatient isolation

    Call your health insurance company and file an appeal. Tell them you have young children in the home and do not have a separate bathroom that only you will have access to (if that's the case). You can file an expedited appeal if you feel the standard timeline for the appeal process would seriously jeopardize your health. You can file an appeal and also request an external review by an independent entity outside of the insurance company at the same time. An expedited appeal decision must be made within 4 business days, or less depending on the urgency and severity of your medical condition. Good luck.