Just thanks

I just wanted to thank everyone for their advise ,still tired but helps to hear I am not the only one that is where I am at. I have a doctor A surgen and he told me the sugery (SP) was a 10-12-hr operation. He recomened cemo-Radition first.I had no idea what was going on. But He said chemo-radation is no picnic .Boy was he right. Thanks alot for all your help. I hope I will never use this site again,but you all have helped. Thanks jOHN B


  • Skiffin16
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    Never Use This Site Again..

    Not quite sure what you mean... Hope to see you here more as so you need...

  • phrannie51
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    Hey John B....

    This is a great site, you'll be short changing yourself by never checking in again....and.....we are pretty fun sometimes, too....


  • jackflash22
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    please stay in touch now and

    please stay in touch now and then, it will help others going through the same thing as you and to know your progress. 

  • wmc
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    There is a big differance from needing this site and coming back to this site. As far as 10~12 hr surgers it is no big deal, you're a sleep. Mine only went 8 but they said it could have gone up to 15 hours. You do know halif of that time is a card game. It is not over until they all go "all in".  Thake care.