3 year anniversary-pyriform sinus ssc

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Oct 13, 2015 - 4:19 pm


My husband finished treatment three years ago today.  He was diagnosed with ssc in his right pyriform sinus.  At the time he was 55 and a non smoker.  He has always exercised and had a very healthy diet.  He had his treatment at the University of Chicago and we would highly recommend them to anyone. The staff was amazing, results quickly given, and they are a teaching hospital with a tumor board.   His diagnosis was T1N2bM0.  He had 6 weeks of out patient chemotherapy with Taxol, cisplatin, ceteximaub and was part of a study with everolimus.  Next, in patient radiation with imrt(50 sessions)  twice a day and concurrent 24/7 chemotherapy with taxol, 5fu and hydrea.  5 days inpatient with 9 days home for a total of 10 weeks.  Oct. 19, 2012 was his last treatment and he has been NED since.  

I have been reading and learning from everyone here for 21/2  years and thought it was time to register and introduce myself.  Thank you to everyone. You have been a huge help and invaluable resource for us.Login


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    Welcome to the H&N Group or thank you for posting.

    Welcome and great to have you comeout and introduceyourself. Congratulations on your 3 years. He did go through one heck of a treatment but the results paid off.