What is LPR? GURD that goes higher up........

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WHAT IS LPR?    This is just an FYI, as I have GURD and LPR:

During gastroesophageal reflux, the contents of the stomach and upper digestive tract may reflux all the way up the esophagus, beyond the upper esophageal sphincter (a ring of muscle at the top of the esophagus), and into the back of the throat and possibly the back of the nasal airway. This is known as laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR), which can affect anyone. Adults with LPR often complain that the back of their throat has a bitter taste, a sensation of burning, or something “stuck.” Some patients have hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, throat clearing, and difficulty with the sensation of drainage from the back of the nose (“postnasal drip”). Some may have difficulty breathing if the voice box is affected. Many patients with LPR do not experience heartburn. 

  • •Avoid eating and drinking within two to three hours prior to bedtime
  • Do not drink alcohol  Eat small meals and slowly  
  • Limit problem foods:  Caffeine,  Carbonated drinks,  Chocolate,  Peppermint,  Tomato,  Citrus fruits,  Fatty and fried foods, [The good stuff]
  • Lose weight,  •Quit smoking [I'm guessing we all have already],  •Wear loose clothing;

My reason for posting this is some of us had surgery that effected the upper sphincter muscle and have mentioned symptons of it. This will effect persons that had a Laryngectomy as they often cut the sphincter muscle so you can talk as it will let the air to go up easier. Remember stomach acid is as strong as battery acid and even stronger with a flair up.