About vulvar cancer


Wondering if anyone out there has diagnosis of vulvar cancer?

Just reaching out!


  • debrajo
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    Don't have your cancer, just wanted you to know that this board runs slow since you ladies are rare!  Don't give up, someone will be here soon, and, yes, there are several really knowledgeable ladies here that will be able to help you.  Just hang on!  Best, Debra(Jo) Uterine Board

  • katenraj
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    Had this 3 years ago

    Hello there,

    Yes there are quite a few of us here on this site. I had Stage 2 Vaginal/vulva cancer 3.5 years ago. It is rare but yet common enough. Look around this site at GYN cancers, there are wonderful ladies here and some great advice. 

    My email is katenraj@cox.net if you need to reach me. I do not check this website too often

    A fellow sister


  • annett
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    Hello, I am so sorry you have to have this.  I currently am going for treatment for Vular Cancer Stage 3. I am halfway through my treatments. I am doing both chemo and radiation concurrently. I have had lymhp node surgery in my groin prior to treatment but trying to dissolve the tumor in vulva with treatment as it was quite large. I am doing well so far hopefully 2nd half is not too hard on me. I can see results already so that is good sign. If I cn help you at all or if there are any questions I can answer please ask. Prayers to you.