My First Post: mouth sores

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Hello everyone,

I have been on this forum many times in the past few months and have found it so very helpful, though

never wrote or commented.

Many times I felt very alone in this battle, even though I had the wonderful support of my family

and friends. I just happened to search for head and neck and there you were:) Now I know there are

others that completely understand the difficulties this type of cancer can be.

I was diagnosed with cancer of the tonsil(stage 4) in January of this year. I have gone through

a neck disection with removal of 21 lymnodes and a tonsilectomy, followed by 33 treatments of

radiation and chemo. Needless to say, a rough ride. However, PET and CT scan are looking well

so far and I'm feeling so much better.

My question is how long does mouth sores last (particularly on the tongue)? They seem to come and go.

It has been 5 months since last chemo and radiation.

Thank you so much for your continued help.



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    Welcome to the H&N Group

    Welcome and thanks for posting. Also sorry you need to be here. I never had chemo or radiation so others that will have some answere and some sugestions on dealing with them. You should go to the post called Superthread, I believe it has information on what to do for the sores.

    My tumor was just above my larynx so I had surgery and removed my larynx and 86 lymph glands. It's funny that doctors have always said the next time I get tonsillitis the're taking my tonsils, but I still have them and don't know as long as they were there why they didn't. It was very common to have them rempved when I was young and now they just leave them until they have to.


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    I'm sorry you have become a card carrying member of the H&N club, but glad you introduced yourself. I don't have much to offer in the way of help for mouth sores...ours have been related to mucositis from the chemoradiation. L-glutamine powder dissolved in water may help. My husband is trying aloe juice right now - about 2 TBSP diluted in water (he is using a strawberry-kiwi flavor). Mind is JUICE, not gel. It is supposed to be good for inflammation and has healing properties. I hope you find relief soon.