How To Heal Yourself

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All of you have unlimited amount of power, love, and wisdom that few know about.  There are two worlds we live in:  one, the world of man called the materialistic world, and, two, the spiritual world.  Spiritual means of the spirit, and spirit is love.  The spiritual Father is often described as pure love.  If the Spiritual Father is Love, and you are born love from his creation, then you share His powers by birthright.  But, just because you have been given these powers, it does not mean there is free lunch for you to find them and use them.  If everyone could use them, then many would use them for personal gain or exploitation.  Those who are not on a Conscious path will never be able to find these assets.  It is needed to do the inner spiritual work first in order to gain access.  So, these powers are only able to be found and used by those on a true spiritual path, and who are also elevated enough to be trusted.   You see, a true spiritual being cannot exploit because he cannot do harm, and he also has everything he needs and is totally taken care of by the Universe.  The spiritual being knows this wisdom, love and power but can only use it to create harmony and Oneness.  It is impossible for a spiritual being to do harm.  And, yet, there are billions of people who believe that the Highest Spiritual Being can not only judge those of lower spirituality, but can also torture them forever.  And they never even question it.  If someone raped your mother and you were allowed to be judge and jury and you sentenced them to be tortured forever, how long do you think it would be before that decision tore you apart and made you wish you had never made it?  Only low spiritual entities can harm, kill, rape or cause harm to the Other.    

   So, what does this have to do with healing?  Science now knows that the all the cells of the body respond to the state of the human heart.  If the human is in a state of positivity and love, all the cells of the body vibrate with that healing energy.  On the other hand, if you are in a state of worry, negativity and lack of gratitude, then all your cells will vibrate with that energy as well.  So, the process of healing begins with spirituality - your ability to create a healing, loving environment in your body so that your illness will be bathed in totally positive thought at all times.  One way to magnify the speed of the process is to do this thru meditation.  Controlling your thought processes and learning how to open your heart and living totally in the moment and in the love space are the keys.  But this will not happen without inner work.  Inner work means finding your spirituality on the inside of you and not on the outside.

    A huge blockage to this effort is to put your spiritual path in the hands of someone else or some organization.  The Disciples of Christ gave up everything to follow their master.  They left their families, their jobs, and everything to become like Christ.  They all expected that Christ would do it for them.  It did not work out that way.  It was only after Christ died that all the disciples became Enlightened.  When Christ was gone, they then knew that they had to do the inner work for themselves. There would be no Guru or Institution to do it for them; it was up to them alone.

  So, then the purpose of this message is that if you want to tap into the unlimited energy of the Universe, it is up to you.  You have immense healing powers available to you.  And, with your cancer, you have opportunity and advantage to do your inner work in a rapid manner in order to make this power available to you.  There is no way to lose if you start now.

     On the other hand, suppose you are not given time, and you are taken.  Not to worry.  Spirit is not born and it does not die.  It always was and always will be.  There is no loss. 

Baba Nam Kevalan – Love is all there is.

Love, Swami Rakendra