Struggling with being a care giver

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Im really struggling being a care giver. My wife has Multiple Myeloma and we are doing daily radiation and weekly chemo atm. She is somewhat bed ridden and needs a lot of care. I am stressed out very badly right now. I have a 14yr old son who is having to see his Mom deteriate before his eyes. I know there are people who have been a care giver for a long time I never appreciated how much sacrifice they make every day. Mainly I just wanted to talk about it with someone.  




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    Mark, I hope you come back to

    Mark, I hope you come back to the site.  As a survivor, please know that not one of us could not have gone through anything without the love and support of our friends and family.  I can't imagine what my family was thinking when I told them I had cancer.  Their journey with cancer is different than mine, but IT IS a journey.  There is a thread under "other discussion boards" for Caregivers but if you need someone please reach out to your company EAP, local pastor, talk to someone.  I suspect your son needs someone as well as I doubt there are many students he knows who have had to experience what he is.  You both must feel very alone.  There is help out there.