3 Years NED!

I just wanted to share with everyone that Kreg had his 3 year checkup yesterday and was told another NED! We feel blessed and thrilled!

For any of you who may be new, this was Kreg's diagnosis and treatment plan:


Noticed a lump on left side of neck end of June 2012. Doctor treated with antibiotics. No effect. Went on to MRI in July and noticed mass. Confirmed cancer Aug 2012. Went to ENT for biopsy of neck. Scoped down nose and noticed spot on base of tongue. Couldn't do the biopsy to tongue at that point. Biopsy came back positive for SCC of neck. Did surgery biopsy of tongue and also found SCC HPV16 + and it was noted primary.

September went to Surgeon and had Pet Scan done. Surgeon believed it to be regionalized. Did not see any other Hot Spots.

Plan of Action started Oct 8, 2012: No surgery. Chemo ( Carboplatin with Paclitaxel) once a week for 7 weeks. Radiation was 5 days week for 7 weeks.

Treatment ended Nov 28, 2012.

PET scan Feb 2013 showed NED

6-8 wk scopes and yearly specialized chest xrays. (No more scans...the tx facility believes they cause recurrences)
DX: Stage III/IV, SCC BOT, 2 lymph nodes in neck (all on left side) HPV16 +
Blessings to you all,
Cris & Kreg



  • wmc
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    Congratulations to you both.

    Never get tired of hearing that word, NED. I say congratulations to you both Chris as you and Kreg both took that journey together. I know sometimes it is even harder on our loved ones as they see and shair the pain, but can't really do much but just be their for us. May you always hear those wonderful words.........NED


  • Skiffin16
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    Glad to hear, and also connecting with you on FaceBook...

    Tongue Out

  • MrsBD
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    Great news! Thanks for

    Great news! Thanks for sharing.

  • phrannie51
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    Wonderful news, Cris!!!

    Three years out....you two can start breathing easier.  Tell your man congratulations, and I'm sending you both a big hug.


  • Hondo
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    Hi Cris

    Wonderful news you both have so much to be thanking for


    All the best


  • CivilMatt
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    cheers to 3 years



  • Ingrid K
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    Congrats.   NED will be your

    Congrats.   NED will be your new best friend.   May he continue to be in your lives forever ! 

  • Barbaraek
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    Great news

    Thats great news! I never tire reading about NED results for fellow fighters on the message board here.


  • cureitall66
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    CivilMatt said:

    cheers to 3 years



    Love it!

    Love this! Thanks Matt!

  • lifeisDHA
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    such a great news!

    Hope we will hear that magic word soon