Treatment done, now for the healing! And waiting

I just had my last radiation tx today so no more abusing my body for a while.  I feel much better than I expected for this point, though they say it can get worse over the next week.

I don't eat anything these days, the PEG was a very smart thing to do, but I find myself craving the day I can taste again.  Even all, those junk food commercials look so good to eat. 

Best of luck to everyone on here who have been so helpful in their sharing and support!


  • debbiejeanne
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    tragic, that is fantastic!!! 

    tragic, that is fantastic!!!  your time now belongs to YOU again.  congratulations.  we all know what you mean about eating and getting taste back.  i hope yours returns very soon.  try to be patient as you will continue to cook for a week or two and then things should start healing.  start planning your meals for when you can taste again.

    God bless you,


  • wmc
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    That is good news.........

    Even tho you can't tast keep swallowing water and stay hydrated. You can forget how to swallow, so even if only water and only sip's keep swallowing. It seems that the recovery has it's own time frame but you are at that point now so all will be good. When you can tast again lots will be different for a while as it doesn't come back all at once. So try lots of things. Pudding is good and chicken broth and better yet cream of chicken soup has 300 cal in the can. I was eating five a day to put mu weight back on. I think my best was 3200 cal. in a day and it all was Soup, jello, and mikshakes, and pudding. I was not on solid food yet. Celabrate this mile stone as it is a big one. You did great.


  • Barbaraek
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    Happy Dancing

    for you!!! Finishing radiation is a HUGE accomplishment. I felt like we crawled over that finish line, but we were still champions for making it through. You are courageous! I wish you improvement every day...though, realistically you will continue to "cook" for a while after the rads are done.


  • CivilMatt
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    ringing my bell for you


    Congratulations for finishing all toasted but not well done. 

    Let the healing begin.


  • MrsBD
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    You did it! Hopefully the healing phase will go quickly and you'll be digging into your favorite foods soon.

  • Kent Cass
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    MrsBD said:


    You did it! Hopefully the healing phase will go quickly and you'll be digging into your favorite foods soon.


    Congratulations. Know many say they have a very rough time right after tx, but that was not the case with me, so hopefully it will be the same with you. I gradually weened myself off the PEG over the first 5 weeks. Pancakes with plenty of butter and syrup was the first serious food I was able to handle, and had flavor, FYI. Tried pudding, but didn't consider it much better than Ensure, or Jevity. Took 4 months to realize I could eat anything I wanted to. Hope the same for you.


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    Ding, ding, ding.....

    you've rang the bell!!  Congratulations!!!  True, you do keep cooking for a while after rads are over....but're on the way out of this tunnel. 

    I remember well, how hungry I was for real food....I spent a lot of time watching the food channel, and reading recipies...drooling pretend spit....and telling myself I was going to make all of them and eat as soon as I could....LOL. 

    Remember, healing is measured in weeks and months, not days....