stable disease????

What do you make of this?  My cancer is a squamous cell skin cancer that invaded my facial/cranial nerves leaving me with left side facialy paralysis.  I had chemo and 33 radiation treatments which I finished in mid July.  I just had a follow up MRI and my Dr told me everything was stable.  I glad there is no progression because now I can (theoretically) enjoy the holidays without thinking about cancer.  I wonder how pleased I should be with "stable disease".  In January I have a combo PET and MRI.


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    My doctors were pleased that some nodules in my lung were stable. It seems like stable is a good thing. So Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas,  and Joyous New Year!

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    steph, i'd think stable is

    steph, i'd think stable is good but if you need reassurance, i'd ask the doctor what he means exactly.  i'd hate for you to waste time worrying about it and when all is well.  my docs have also referred to the nodules (3) in my lungs as stable so i don't give them another thought.  good luck.

    God bless you,


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    Stable.............= Good

    I'm pretty sure stable is good. It most likely means it has been stopped, killed, and not doing anything. They will wait until enought time has gone by to do a scan before they will say gone. Stable is good. To me it sounds like you have very good doctors. They are confident enought to wait 6 months so they will get a very good scan and less chance of false readings. Looks like you did it, celebrate.


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    stable disease



    I lived with my NPC cancer not growing but also not getting any smaller for about a year. Then one trip to the doctor’s office he said I have some very good news, I don’t see the NPC anymore, it all looks very good in there. None of them could understand it because it was the 3rd time it came back and they only expected me to live 6 to 12 months. The way I looked at it was God was not finished with me yet.


    As long as it is stable just let it be.