update on "Just another newbie" post

Hi all,

Just re-read what I posted in July and I wanted to do an update and again thank people here for their support.

It's been a real rollercoaster experience. 

My husband was so very sick, was being the key word.  He finally went on Rituxian only and, shortly after the second treatment, he started coming back from the edge.  I had no idea how dramatic this could be.

So far, he has had four treatments and it's nothing short of a miricle, the difference.  He's back up out of bed doing the stuff he likes to do.  He's now taking a brief planned break in treatment to go on a vacation I wrote off months ago.  But that was me.  He -- and his doctor -- never gave up.  Big smiles all around his last doctor visit.

We know, this isn't a curable lymphoma, but the treatment, in his case, has been nothing short of kick a**.  And, at our ages, any boost in quality time on this planet is what we are looking for, and this has upped both the time and the quality.  He's still old, he's still got lymphoma (and some other stuff the way older folks do), but he's back in the saddle.

So, for now, I've hung up my nurse's cap and am back to being the missus for however long we get.

I honestly never thought I'd be posting this back in July when he was diagnosed.

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    Good news!

    Hi oldcalifornia girl,

    It is good to see that your husband is so much better now. I hope that you will both have a good time for years!