Open wound in rectum

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My husband had a trans anal 3 weeks ago to remove scar tissue and a small tumor that was left after radiation/Chemo. They cut out part of the muscle.  He is in alot of pain. It constantly throbs and hurts if consipated or having a bowel movement. We just found out from the Dr at his check-up that he left a small part of the incision open and that it may have opened up further.. This is the first we heard of an open wound.  Is this normal procedure?  Any advice on how to try and heal an open would inside the rectum (close to the anus)  Is there a danger to this? Does the feces get into his system? Thanks  PS I am new to a discussion board.  What does flagged mean?  thks!


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    The colorectal surgeon removed 1/2 of my tumor.  I was Stage 2.  This procedure was more painful to me than the radiation treatments.  I had no issue with the wound healing.  I wondered the same as you if it could become infected but I had no healing issue or infection issues.  I am almost 7 years cancer free.