Radiation Fatigue?

I'm 8 weeks out from radiation. Can I still be having radiation fatigue? One day strong, next day weak. Also with severe dry mouth. Seems to have gotten worse in the last few weeks. I'm on Pilocarpine. Does this take time to work ?. I've been on it for two weeks doesn't seem to do a thing. Really dry as a dessert and horrible mouth taste. 


  • debbiejeanne
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    rc, its been 5 yrs since my

    rc, its been 5 yrs since my rads but i want to say, yes it could possibly be from the rads.  the rads keep cooking for awhile so even though you've finished treatment, it continued to cook you a while.  if it continues, you may want to mention it to the doc. 

    God bless you,


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    It would not surprise me

    if the radiation is the source of your fatigue. It takes a lot out of a body to be exposed to so much radiation. If it's worrisome call your doc - that's one reason we have them! Your doctor will be able to give you an indication of how long you may feel tired from the radiation.


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    I am 6 yerars out from radiation and chemo and still get fatigued often, doc said that it is a leftover from the rads


  • CivilMatt
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    most likely normal


    it could be radiation, but for me it turned out to be of failing thyroid, which is common to many of us after radiation.  Now that I’m on replacement meds I feel pretty good.

    As for dry mouth, it does get much better, but in the meantime I still take Xylimelt tablets and drink plenty of water.

    As for eating, awful taste, terrible mouth feel I didn’t get back to normal for 7 months.  In the meantime I drank a lot of smoothies and protein drinks.

    Healing just takes time, you went through a lot, try to be satisfied with little improvement and be happy when the big ones  come along.

    My improvements today compared to eight weeks out are like day and night.  I would expect your improvements to be just around the corner.

    If you are concerned, call your doctor and get checked out.


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    I finished rads in June, 2012....

    then finished adjuvant chemo the end of August, 2012.....I was fatigued until well into 2013.  Like you said...I'd feel pretty fine one day....the next I was down for the count....this can go on for months.....our bodies take a real beating during treatment.  It's not like getting over the flu, or something....where we're sick....then we get well in a couple of weeks.  This takes months and months. 

    As for the dry mouth.....my saliva has come back well enough, that I can lick my lips, and don't have a water bottle in my hand 24/7 (tho I always have one close).....one potato chip can dry up every last drop of spit in my mouth.  I wake up every morning with dry mouth....the good news is....there must be an improvement from treatment times, as I could knock on doors with my tongue in the mornings back then....now it's quite a bit softer Smile.  I have never taken anything to regain saliva, so I don't know if meds take time to kick in....but I do know, it took about a year for me to be comfortable not having a water bottle in my hand at all times.


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    8 weeks out is not a long time

    I recall it took about 3-4 months for me to start getting energy back.  At 4 months I had a kayak trip planned to celebrate finishing treatment with my girlfirends on the Ithchetucknee.  They were way ahead of me, but I still enjoyed it immensly.  Hang in there.  I am 20 months post radiation and usually saliva is good but it depends.  Now that the weather is not so humid and fall is here, I am parched again.