2 months post treatment--new issues

Two questions for my fellow survivors:

1. Pain--I completed 35 radiation treatments along with chemo (cisplatin) for tongue cancer almost two months ago. My pain was bad in the beginning but then as the tumor shrunk, the pain was well controlled with a fentanyl patch. Within the past two weeks, the pain has gotten worse and is no longer controlled by the patch. i do have some break-through pain meds like oxy but I try not to take them--I do take a lot of ibuprofen which isn't enough. My question is this-- I know we continue to "cook" for a while after radiation ends, but isn't this kind of late to be getting new pain?

2. Turkey neck--I have just developed swelling under my chin.  I need to look into the massages and compression garments that I have heard can help with this.  My question is about air travel and whether that will make the swelling of the turkey neck worse? I have just gone back to work and I am expected to take a couple of trips by plane each month to meet with clients. 

These two issues (along with the fear of what the 3 month PET scan will show) are making me doubt that my life will ever be the same!

thanks for your feedback!



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    pain management

    Is so important.  Pain for my husband at five years post treatment is controlled by a fentanyl patch and percocet for breakthrough pain.  Because his pain is from nerve damage from the radiation he also uses neurontin and cymbalta.

    His fentanyl was increased a few months ago from 25 to 50 mcg.  We 're having recurrent difficulty locating this increased dosage.  

    Let your doctor know the patch is no longer controlling your pain.

    Someone else will speak up about air travel as Jim has not attempted.

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    cg, i've traveled by plane a

    cg, i've traveled by plane a few times with turkey neck and it has never affected me.  i don't know if its the same for all so i'll be hoping for the best for you.  i also hope you get to enjoy the trips and have some fun.


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    The edema in the neck is another interesting side effect of radiation,  I love the massage and learned it pretty easily.  Once you become an expert you can be rubbing your neck any time and for me, with great results.