Breasrt mets to bones


8 months ago I was found out my cancer was back in my bones, I live alone, as much as I hurt my depression is harder, cause my dr can give me no kind of life span & I am in pain most of thr time.  Anyone else feel this way?  Alone stage 4 & depressed not a good combo.  Help being alone  sucks.  Anyone want to tlak. Email me


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    Sorry you are facing this on

    Sorry you are facing this on your own.  No groups, a good friend, or relative to lean on?  Do you need stronger pain meds and an anti depressant for sure or perhaps a stronger one.  I have suffered from depression since very young and never question the need for them now.  I used to because I hate taking them but some people are just made that way.  Without meds, life is a dark, sad, desperate place.  Cymbalta, should you try it also helps with some pain too.  Won't eradicate it but would help.  There has to be a cancer nurse who can find you someone to connect with and share.  Perhaps a church if you are a religious person (I am not but am in awe how communities are wonderful when one of their parishonrs needs help).  So what is your prognosis?  They should be telling you  what to expect, advising on medication and advising on everything.  I am sure some ladies will have some sites you could contact.