Breast reconstruction surgery?


Hi all,


     Just looking into getting reconstruction.  I am going for my last chemo the 29th...   My surgeon wants to do both full masectomy, and my implants removed, with new implants put in.  I Have  IDC  with her2 so i will be doing herceptin after my surgery for the remainder of my year. I am stage 3A


I have question about reconstruction...  Can my nipple be saved?   I have seen alot of pics with Masectomy and the women have no more nipples.....  I am sorry to say,, but please tell me that it can be saved!!!  


  • ballerina06
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    Hi, there is hope! If there

    Hi, there is hope! If there is no cancer cells in the nipple which they can check during the mastectomy, they can do nipple sparing and even if you can not keep your nipple, nipple reconstruction is awesome. They use your skin. I have one nipple reconstruction and one nipple sparing. You can barely tell the difference in appearance. Unfortunately, there is no feeling in either. However, I never told my hubby just so he could have fun! Overall, I am happy with the way I look. I had a great surgeon.

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    I had immediate

    I had immediate reconstruction (side back muscle brought around and silicone implant) and also had the other side silicone implant to match in size and semetry. I later had the nipple reconstruction with tattooing and to me, they are perfect :) I hear about the expander kind and I am glad I didn't have to go that route. I had an amazing and talented plastic surgeon.