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I want to thank everyone again for all the advice, support and information in this community.  I am not good at responding to each comment but my appreciation is genuine and sincere.  I am now in my last 2 weeks of radiation, with my last treatment and last chemo scheduled for Sept 29.  So far, in comparison to some of the experiences I have read here that I have been thus far, event and crisis free.  The side effects have been virtually unnoticable, I feel, for the most part because I was so prepared for what is to come by all of you.  My skin at radiation site is in excellent condition still, because of all the advice given here regarding lotions, ointments, creams etc .  My throat has been, for the most part, comparatively speaking, pain free other than two nights I spent in tears, which I look at as badges of honor.  Other than some mild skin peeling on my hands I see no side effects of chemo.  I am still able to swallow anything that I want with pretty much no problems.  I still have taste issues which make swallowing yucky, but the swallowing process, with 2 weeks remaining, is intact.  I went through maybe 2 weeks with dryness issues in my mouth but right now my salivary g;lands seem to be working triple time.  All the poisonous phlegm is just rolling out of my throat now, effortlessly.  I am still very tired and want more sleep than I am getting, but still tolerable yet.  I know I am not out of the woods yet, but sometimes, as event free as I have been thus far I almost wonder if there was no cancer to treat from the giddyup and this has all been a dream.  I know I have treatment + recovery to go, so I could still possibly have hell to experience and heartbreak with final results but at the moment I sit here grateful to be breathing.


So agin, from my heart, I say thank you to everyone here.  I wish I were more loquacious in my expressions but I am by nature a very sedate individual.


Thank you, thank you, thank you


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    I think you expressed your feelings perfectly. Keep that "can do" attitude going.

    My Best to You and Everyone Here

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    Just encase you forgot, I knocked on wood for you and  crossed my fingers and hoped your rad machine is plugged in.

    Seriously, there have been a few like yourself who adapt very well to treatments and your thank you is evident in your eloquent post.

    Keep doing what you’re doing.


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    Congrats on your accomplishments so far... Keep on keeping on, and you'll be down the road before you know it...


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    Happy for You

    You are doing amazingly well and I think it will continue. This site has been great because it's truly a place where everyone knows what you are going through. Don't laugh too hard at Matt's comments or your throat will hurt!

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    You are doing Great...

    You are doing great and almost done. You will still be cooking for a few weeks after. I'm very happy you did not get a lot of side effects. You were prepaired, and stayed hydrated. So happy for you....:)


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    I'm happy for you...

    and a little bit jealous too. My husband seems to have had every side effect in the book to the nth degree. But it's good to know that you are doing well. It's both hopeful and helpful to know that others walk the same path and are having success.

    Wishing you continued good results!



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    mokus, i'm so happy that you

    mokus, i'm so happy that you are making it through with very few side effects and pain.  that is wonderful.  with only 2 weeks left, i think you're going to do great.  wow, time sure seems to go fast once tx starts.  very soon your time will once again belong to you.  and for now, you can clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel.  thank you for your lovely post and i hope you will post on your last day so we can celebrate with you!

    God bless you,