mmmt of ovary stage 3c any survivors ?

My mother 51 years of age diagnosed with mmmt of ovary stage 3c very rare cancer. Got optimally debulked 3 weeks back. We will b meeting an oncologist tomorrow and we are hell scared any survivors? Please help we are looking for hope


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    Hi there,

    Hi there,

    I see your post was from last year. My mother is also 51 years old and was just diagnosed with MMMT of the uterus. Im not sure what stage she is in yet because she has not had the surgery. How is your mother doing?

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    My sister was diagnosed today

    hello is any one out there?

    need hope that she can survive.

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    My sister was diagnosed today

    hello is any one out there?

    need hope that she can survive.

    Why don't you post this on the Ovarian board?

    And yes, I believe that there are plenty of MMMT survivors.

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    MMMT Diagnosis

    I have Stage 3B uterine carcinosarcoma (MMMT) cancer, not ovarian, but as abrub suggested, you can post your question on the Ovarian board, There is also a dedicated MMMT Yahoo group. This is a private site and you or your sister must submit a request to join at:

    Unfortunately both the Yahoo group and the Ovarian site here can get pretty quiet, so please feel free to also ask any questions you may have about your sister's planned treatment, etc. on the Uterine board too. The treatment for the Ovarian form of MMMT can be quite similar to the treatment for Uterine MMMT or other forms of aggressive uterine cancers such as UPSC or clear cell. 

    Try not to focus on the survival statistics you read online. Many of them include retrospective studies of cases from years ago, when there were a lot more discrepancies in how MMMT cancer was treated. You and your sister will find that there are long-term survivors of this cancer.