Colostomy Surgery done!!

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My husband Tim has now finished his last procedure on the list, next is chemo!!!  The Dr left the tumor alone for now, but with the colostomy he does not have any pressure/pain trying to have a bowel movement.  This is such good news.  Now he can finally start chemo in a couple of weeks.  Have been waiting for this day for over 2 mths!!  I just pray that the chemo will shrink the rectal tumor and attack the mets in his lungs.  At least now he will actually be fighting this crap!!!



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    I wish your husband a speedy recovery from his colostomy surgery. 

    Keep us informed on how he is doing. 

    Sue - Trubrit

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    I'm glad he can finally start

    I'm glad he can finally start to feel like they're doing something about it. The fight is on!!! Good for him!


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    Ostomy life is pretty easy

    Ostomy life is pretty easy compared to the natural way. A lot less gas and pain, just have to make sure you take care of his skin, that can hurt.  Keep the powder and 3M adhesive wipes handy.  Having chemo and a rash would be harsh.   I'm so glad that this will help him get fighting.  Fight on Tim!

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    They don't ...

    ... Consider radiation to the rectal area? They could kill the tumor, remove it and hopefully the lung Mets would shrink enought for removal too. Chemo by itself will unlikely bring permanent remission. Most people here had the best result with surgeries. 

    all the best,


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    Hi Vicky

    I hope your husband recovers quickly. I agree with Laz, my brother had rectal cancer and they did both radiation AND chemo before they did a lower anterior resection. We've been told by his oncologist that the surgery is the best cure. He has mets in both the liver and lungs, but several in the lungs are in very difficult areas to remove them. He has heart issues as well, so any more surgery (he did have resection) will have to wait until his heart is in better shape. 

    I'd get a second opinion. My brother's oncologist feels that chmo is a great way to prolong life with all the new advances, but she did say surgery is the best way to go for a cure. 

    Good luck.


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    Glad he had passed this one step

    I too had a rectal tumor.  I opted for surgery only and did no radiation and chemo.  I had no mets.

    Each patient is different and each doctor has their preferred treatment options.

    It also depends on what the doctor feels is the most important area to attack first.

    If you have any doubts, a second opinion by an unrealted surgeon is always an option.

    Wishing your hubby best results with his treatment plan.

    Marie who loves kitties

  • I like your choice of pun in

    I like your choice of pun in the last sentence !      So glad his spirits will be lifted, and yours.   He on his way to recover.