I have KRAS mutation p.G13D or c.38G>A.  Unfortunately MIS not detected.  BRAF also not detected.

I know that's not fabulous to be KRAS positive and I know that I can't use anti-EGFRs.

What else do I need to know?  Anybody researched this recently and know of new strageties, specifics of type of KRAS mutation, clinical trials?

I just found this out this afternoon and will be researching and learning.  Any suggestions for websites/journal articles to check out would be appreciated!




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    I have no idea what the following article means

    but PLOS is one of the often cited sites in the nonscientific/nontechnical sites that deal with cancer research ( being another technical site; being an example of a nontechnical site that has alot on CRC)

    As you will learn, KRAS is one of the most studied genes in cancer research,esp in mCRC as it directly influences treatment options. Some research has indicated that specific KRAS mutations may be susceptible to antiEGFR treatments like vectibix or erbitux........

    (PS: check out TAS-102,which may be effective for both wild and mutant KRAS)