Wheat grass to help after chemo

My sister just told me that cancer survivor friends of hers said wheat grass is a great for helping flush through the chemo.  Has anyone else tried this and had good, or not so good results?  I am finding the chemo to take more out of me than the radiation; just had second chemo at midpoint of my 7 week radiation.


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    i've not seen that here

    i've not seen that here before but i would suggest that you check with your doctor before trying anything, even all otc's.

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    Hi King Welcom to CSN


    There are a lot of herbal meds you can take after treatment to help get rid of the poison in your body from chemo. I prefer Lemon Grass or Bitter Melon myself; I grow it in my back yard and still take it now and then as a relaxer. Works great for me.