So mom is in her last week. She has 4 days of treatment left. Her throat is so raw and tight she is having trouble getting anything at all down. She's using magic mouthwash but it's not helping a whole lot becuase her throat is so tight. After treatment ends, how long does this last on average? Does the throat ever loosen? She's at the end so hates the idea of getting a PEG tube when she's going to be finished knowing they wouldn't schedule her until the weekend so she would technically be done. Anyone know the time frame on average for the throat getting better for lymph node radiation? I know it varies from person to person...I was just hoping to be able to give her a time frame so she can make it through looking at a positive time.


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    lmk, unfortunately your mom's

    lmk, unfortunately your mom's throat will continue to cook for a week or two even once tx is over.  but after that she should start to heal.  she'll also find out over that time what side effects are going to affect her.  i am praying for her mouth to heal and for her to be able to eat.  i will keep you both in my prayers.

    God bless you,


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    It takes time

    Everyone is different. My husband had a large volume of his nasopharynx radiated. We were 5 weeks out from the last, 35th treatment and still having mucositis and pain. Then we started adjuvant chemo and it worsened. I think you'll notice slow improvement 4 weeks post...I pray it will heal rapidly for your mom.



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    Time, and it is slow

    When she is done she will still be cooking for several weeks sometimes many weeks. Slowly it gets better. At first you won't notice any then one day she can swallow better and less soreness, then the neck is not as stiff. It happens slow to where it is suttle and you have to stop and think, hey, it does not hust as much and I can swallow better today. Celabrate each and every milestone as they are all major ones to anyone who just fought the beast.