Need break please

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Spent great week at lake but when home got sick. Struggled five days and soon to be two weeks between Icu and step down. Cellulitis of breast. Not cancer related. Doing dry vac or maybe mastectomy to close.battling very low blood pressure and c diff. Just drained.





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    Yes, dear Candi...

    of all the people I know, you DO derserve a break....criminy!  I didn't realize that you were still fighting the c diff...and now more cellulitus....of course you're feeling drained.  Honey, I'm just so sorry you're having to go through all these things with virtually no break between them.  Sending prayers your way....and keeping you tucked....


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    A Break

    Oh, no. It must seem like you are a lightening rod for odd maladies. May God hold his hand of healing over you and bring you healthier days.

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    Maybe, stay at the lake of little longer (just kidding).  You have been walking a pretty tight rope lately.  Hopefully, this Labor Day will buy you a little calmness and a needed break.

    Another pocket.



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    You deserve as break too........

    I truly wish there was a magic wand because you would be at the top of the list to get it. 


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    If only

    If only we could grant your request.  You have definitely been put through the wringer, over and over.  All I can say is try to rest and build yourself up.  I am glad you had a good week at the lake, nice memories to reflect on.  God bless you.

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    candi, my heart just breaks

    candi, my heart just breaks for you!  you, of all people, deserve a break for the 75 yrs for as much as you have been through.  i'm so sorry and i wish i could be there to take care of you.  you are so strong to keep it together, you just amaze me!!!  i will be praying for you to soon be healed and healthy and stay that way.  i'm sending you lots of love, hugs and prayers my friend!!!

    God bless you, Candi.


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    Candi, I am so sorry your

    Candi, I am so sorry your prolems are piling one on another. Keeping you in my prayers for relief and healing.



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    im so sorry you are


    im so sorry you are dealing with so much.  Hopefully all will be well soon. You are a strong lady! You will be okay

  • Crazymom
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    just said a prayer for you.  Hang in there....