Radiation therapy leaving me with a burnt sence in my olfactory

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I started Radiation therapy last week. I just completed my 6th radiation treatment, and I am experiencing a strong burnt smell in my olfactory.  The smell is constant and makes me nauseated. Has anyone else experienced this side effect from the radiation therapy? If so, how are you coping with it? 


  • disneyfan2008
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    sorry to hear this....I did

    sorry to hear this....I did not have any side effects, at all from my radiation (thankfully) not even burning-just a square tan.


    I am sure someone on this site will have some helpful suggestions for you.



  • coral2015
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    starting next week

    I havent had radiation yet, waiting to be schedule. Very interested on what the other members have to say :)

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    I did not notice anything, as

    I did not notice anything, as far as a burning  odor.  I did have a little bit of burned skin towards the end of the 30+ rounds, but it was not enough of a problem to have to postpone appointments to continue later.

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    I got the smell strong whenever the machine was on and after a few weeks it started to linger more and more.  Now a couple weeks since it's over it went away though sometimes it is very faint if I think about it  The docs it's a common SA But when I had rads for BC never had it at all