Is there an organisation that helps with relocation so I can be a caregiver?


I only met 28 year old Amanda, a year ago this October in Ohio. By November, we had formed an amazing bond! We used to mail each other Hallmark type cards  despite the fact that we only lived 30 minutes from one another. Amanda was diagnosed with stage 3 stomach cancer in January 2015. By March, she was traveling to Cancer Center Treatment of America's in California, where her gran lives.


During the time I was going through an emotionally troubling bad break up, Amanda had returned for a legal matter related to her divorce from a few years back. A close friend in Nevada had offered me money to rent a U-Haul if I am willing to move back to Nevada. Being that Amanda could see how that break up was eating away at me, and that she strongly believed she'd be in Cali within a month (just 7 hours from where I was designated to move to), I packed up despite the fact that I didn't want to leave Ohio for good. I loaded everything I could possibly on my own into that U-Haul until I could go no further. Amanda was the only friend to show up to help me move my king size bed!


By the end of the following week, she was too weak to use the bathroom on her own and had to get a catheter. This was May. She kept leading me on to believe that it won't be much longer before she'd be in Cali... just this past Friday, she told me that the cancer has spread to her lungs and Cleveland Clinic found spots on her liver. Amanda also shared that she has been advised to seek hospice.


I have sent Amanda a card at least once a week since we parted as well as other things I know she would like. Like once I googled what was the best present a cancer patient stated she got? A blanket so I found a blanket with Amanda's favourite icon, Marilyn Monroe, and mailed it to her. She advised me that she takes her blanky everywhere she goes and tried to take it into surgery with her when they removed 50% of her stomach. I do not know if the blanket made it into surgery, I know how concerns about contaminations could be. Amanda has always known I wanted to be there for her, even if it meant wiping her butt!


And I just want to be there for her in person while I still can! Is there any organisation or perhaps someone can spare some kindness in the Toledo, OH area?


I know I had mentioned the Cleveland Clinic, but I've always intended to move to Perrysburg or thereabouts. I am currently going to school, online to be a paralegal. It will be another year before I can start my internship, which is why I would prefer to have my internship -networking into a career in the area I always planned to make my home. I will find work as soon as possible, but being anywhere in Ohio is much closer than where I currently am in Nevada. Commuting to her at the Cleveland Clinic is not a barrier to me. I just can't afford to pay for a relocation and a place to live in such a short time frame. =(  Plus, it's easier to land a job with a local address. I will pay back rent as soon as I can! I am just seeking