Social Security Disability


Hi, everyone.  I have some questions and concerns regarding Social Security Disability, and I'd like to know if anyone else shares these concerns.

First, I keep hearing that in 2017, benefits will be cut by 20% unless Congress does something to prevent that from happening.  If that happens, assuming NO prices go up, I'll be able to pay my monthly bills, and then will have anywhere from $5 to $50 to buy food for the entire month, along with covering other misc. expenses that always come up.  So needless to say, I'm very concerned about this.

I have tried contacting my local Representative several times, but have yet to get even a hint of a response.

And to add insult to the mix, all I hear about SSD on the news, from politicians, etc., is talk about those who fake being disabled to get on SSD so they don't have to work.  It seems as if those of us who are on it for legitimate (and well-documented) medical reasons, such as damage done by cancer(s) and cancer treatment, have been completely if we just don't exist.

Does anyone have any information as to where Congress is headed with SSD?   Are they going to do something and keeping it funded, or just let it fail?  And, am I the only one who feels like we've been forgotten by Congress and the press? 


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    Hi Shadow

    I too am on SSD but have not heard anything to that effects about cutting it 20%, but these days nothing surprises me with the group running things up there. I been trying to find affordable health care for me and my wife and all I can find is unaffordable health care. They want $1,200 a month for bottom of line health insurance with a $7,500 out of pocket, who can afford paying $19,000 dollars a year for health insurance.


    So like I said nothing surprises me anymore