Tumor has shrunk! But now other things to think about.. Help!

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sWent to see my surgeon.   I have had 4 chemos and still have two more left.  WE did ultrasound and the tumor has shrunk significantly!  yea for that..She said my lymph node is a little swollen but was not concerned as she said that it was do to something else.  

But my main concern is the type of surgery she wants to do.   I did test negative for the BRAC.  but she said that my insurance did  not apporve some other gene tests she submitted.  So anyhoo.  Oh Yea..  I forgot to mention, I have implants. 

o.k.  here it goes,  She wants to take everything out!  Tissue, implants, on both sides and have me put in new implants!  '

Now, when i saw her a few months ago, before the results of the BRAC test, she said that if it  came out positive, that i would have to have that kind of surgery.  So now i am confused as to why she still wants to do this even though the BRAC came out negative.

I asked the surgeon, what if i don't want new implants.  Then she said, then do you want to just have skin hanging and a bunch of scares.  I was just hoping to take the lump out. whatever is left, and lympnodes, and implants, then have a lift with my left over tissue. 

So with that, she then said if i keep tissue, then i will need radiation!  HUH? Plus i still have to go back with Herceptin therapies too...  And the past few months i have been told i might have a autoimmune disease, so radiation, i could not do.

What do I do?  The surgeon is really pushing for me to have everything out. and new implants in.  Has anyone had this done.  And i don't want to be this big breasts anymore,  can i go with smaller implants, and not be sagging.

I understand the surgeon wants to make sure that i don't get cancer again.  She mentioned that!  I am just confused a little bit.

Also, as far as insurance.  Will insurance cover new implants?  And the whole surgery?  Because now i have to look around for a plasitic surgeon too.  The breast surgeon gave me two refferrals.  But not sure if i will llike them,  one is a hand plastic surgeon.  Now why would i want someone who does on hands working on my breasts?  LOL!

 I do have someone that i like, but they are not a refferral.  can i go with someone that i want by personal choice and insurance cover?  I

I have a lot of questions here i know,  and i appreciate all input!

Thanks in asdvance!




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    Dear Christa

    I'm glad your tumor has shrunk. Your case certainly seems a bit confusing, you didn't really explain what kind of cancer you had before. Was that HER positive too? The other ladies can explain better about implants which I know nothing about. I'd just like to wish you well. Don't hesitate to get a second opinion, doctors shouldn't be pushing you to do one thing or another without explaining why. Maybe making a pros/cons list would help. I made one when I was making surgery decisions and that is why I didn't get reconstruction. Keep us posted...Hugs, Anna

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    Hey Christa

    Hey Christa....answered you other post before I saw this one.....it certainly sounds like you are needing a Second Opinion to me.   I had a Lumpectomy so no implants but not sure about your options.  I agree with Button that no Doctor should be pushing you to do anything....they need to give you Full Explanations and be SURE you totally understand everything.  It is your LIFE you are dealing with here.....please do get a 2nd Opinion before you do anything else.   Prayers for Strength & Courage and for Answers.   Glo

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