Votrient, Inhibitors and Intimacy

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I am looking for some feedback on what everyone's doctor has told them about intimacy while being on Votrient or any other inhibitor. Some docs have reported that it is safe and other docs say that Votrient or any other inhibitor, may be present in bodily fluids and couples should avoid kissing, sex without condoms, and that anyone in contact with someone on inhibitors should be wearing gloves if around such.  I also read that you have to wait 48 hours after treatment, in order to be "safe" for a partner. That would mean stopping the medication for two full days in order to kiss your partner.  

Can anyone add to this? I found out about this only after my doc visit but for the month I have been on Votrient he has never said to avoid those things or else I will get them sick. Can any of you who are on inhibitors weigh in on this and let me know?  Thank you.


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    I don't know

    It's a great question. Did you ask the oncologist that prescribed you?

    We've never had a discussion about this that I recall. On a side (not totally unrelated note), the cancer center I go to has a sign in the bathroom over the toilet that reads "If you are receiving chemotherapy agents, please flush the toilet twice after use".

    Always made me a little concerned that I was getting drugs they didn't even want splashing on otherwise healthy people.

    You might check the pharmaceutical company's/FDA warnings/flyer about this to see if there's anything. I'm pretty sure you should avoid getting pregnant (or getting someone pregnant) while on these drugs.


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    I asked our oncologist and he

    I asked our oncologist and he said "no worries".   However, pregnancy was not brought up, and I don't know what information they would give to people who are childbearing age.    I'm not supposed to handle my husbands medication, and he is supposed to be careful with the packaging.  Another warning is that when he gets the radioactive material for scans, he is supposed to stay away from pregnant women, possible pregnant women, infants and little kids for 24 hours.  I think it's really nice that you are concerned.  If you find anything else out, please share.

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    Its really surprised me how

    Its really surprised me how few people have responded to this thread.  Is it a taboo subject?  Nobody else talked with their oncologist about intimacy?  Wow.  Now i feel kindof awkward.  Wonder what our oncologist thought.  

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    I remember sex

    And its a good thing.  The last three treatments I have been advised to limit sharing bodily fluids.  Votrient, afinitor and axinib.

    I see the wisdom, the vision in following that advise.  The start button on the microwave is warped. The word start is missing some letters.

    The Wife and I build childrens furniture for the grandson.  I leave shadows of my fingers in the finish if I handle the furniture alot.  The finish is cured.  The stuff at Grandmas I come in contact with moving it out of the way.  The stuff at his house is still spotless.

    And yes it takes time.  I don't have acid dripping out of my pores.  Something is not like it was.



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    I'm not on any drug so I

    I'm not on any drug so I haven't asked my medical team about it but I know the drugs such as sutent,IL2, votrient,.... don't belong to chemoterapy as chemotraphy doesn't respond in kidney cancer. Their options are targeted teraphy,imunoteraphy,... for metastasied kidney cancer. So the rules about chemoteraphy drugs might be different from drugs they prescribe for kidney cancer. If you ask your doctor please let us know the answer. Forough

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    Votrient and intimacy

    been on Votrient for nearly two years. No impact on my wife via intimacy.

    Intimacy is hugely important to my wife and I on this journey.

    No protection/condoms used.

    Be Well

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    Good Question

    I asked my ONC about this few months ago because I was woried about someting I read on the Votrient side effects list about care givers wearing gloves due to trace amounts of Votrient being found in body fluids.  Mostly they were talking about the dreaded diarhea, my ONC said that sex is fine and that my partner is safe so we have continued being intimate with each other with out the use of condoms.  Just to be sure though check with your ONC get his/her opinion.



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    Ask Your Pharmacist/Oncologist or Drug Manufacturer

    I did find this:

    "Neither compound should be used during pregnancy because this may cause fetal harm, and men and women should use effective birth control during treatment with pazopanib or axitinib, because both drugs are teratogenic" (btw, teratogenic means it can cause birth defects)

    You can read the entire study here:


    I don't think you or your partner want to risk getting pregnant while taking any of these drugs.


    P.S. Most of these drugs have very strange effects on cell reproduction. That's how they work. Personally, I wouldn't risk getting my partner pregnant while I was on any of these drugs (TKI or mTOR inhibitors like everolimus). But do dig around talking to oncologists/pharmacists/drug manufacturer and reading these FDA prescribing information and don't take my word on it.