hello everyone,

just wanted to share the good news. We saw the ENT and the oncologist this week and we hear the sweet words: no evidence of disease.  It is amazing to think that 6 months have passed since Dmitri finished treatment. He is doing really well. Of course he deals with some issues but overall he is doing great.

Since the day of his diagnosis we have claimed in faith that he would be/is cancer free. So before the check ups we pray that we would receive a confirmation in the physical world of what we know in the spiritual one. He had his MRI with contrast on August 1st. The next day we went on vacation so we didn't see the doctors until now. Amazingly, while away, I never worried or wondered what the results would be.  

Though, in between check ups I have had sudden moments of fear. Out of nowhere I start thinking the worse and worrying. I'm tying to deal with this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


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    avisemi, congratulations on

    avisemi, congratulations on meeting NED!!!  that is wonderful and its outstanding that you enjoyed your vacation and didn't let worrying take that from you.  Unfortunatley, we all suffer that worry spell right before checkups.  the only thing i can think of is extra prayer an/or nerve pills.  again, congrats on NED!

    God bless you Dmitri!!


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    What wonderful news! It will be a nice change to say a prayer of thanksgiving for you tonight. May God bless you with many more NEDs.

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    NED what a wonderful sound to hear

    What a wonderful sound to hear, NED. Not that long ago, ever tho it can seem like a lifetime, you naver even knew what it ment. Now it has several meanings, Servival, I just beat the beast, No Evidence of Disease, and of course, I've ben to hell and back. Now ti is a word you will never forget and as you get more it feels like it should be able to put in a trophy case where it belongs. There were where you and Dmitri just went day by day and even hour by hour fighting to get through the treatment to reach this goal. Now the reward is now you can think about all the tomorrows you will shair to gether. I am truly happy for you both. It will keeping getting better as you are Survivors.

    Bill  Oct 2013

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    Good NED to you!





    Looks like you found your lucky rock.

    Keeping the faith, living healthy, being watchful, mindful and time all help while in the post treatment period.

    Carry on,


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    Whoo Hoo!!!

    Congratulations!!  It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it?  Another 6 months of getting well and he'll look back at this day and say "I can't believe how much better I am now, than I was then!".....


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    Thank you guys!  Makes me


    Thank you guys!  Makes me happy to get your responseS. 

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    Happy NED to you both



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    3.5 years for me!