Diarrhea: question, help


If someone has diarrhea because of the treatment, I'd like to learn if the food is absorved correctly by the small intestine before the treatment drugs process begin, or part of it isn't absorved? is the diarrhea because it passes quickly on the bowel, therefore not affecting how food is digested, absorved? thanks!


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    Not Sure

    The part of my colon which was removed (Ascending Large Intenstine) is where primary absorption occurs it seems.  I went into chemo about 5 weeks after the surgery, so I am not sure what was normal for post surgery.  I had very minor diarrhea (once a session at most), more so on the Ox.  Otherwise it went the other way.  Still seems to be the other way, though seems to go to what (I am assuming) is the new normal, which is not bad, about 10 days in after a session.