Using Aloe juice to help promote healing in mouth

I am in my second week of treatment and was trying aloe juice to help promote healing in my mouth from the radiation.  Has anyone else tried this and what experience did you have?  i just swish some around my mouth and swallow, then do not drink anything for a while.  Thanks and this is a great forum with lots of good info and people!


  • ratface
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    Just a caution

    Don't do it prior to your scheduled radiation appointment as it can reflect/change radiation properties. Don't see where it will hurt anything afterwards. Welcome to the Board. 

  • phrannie51
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    I used L-glutamine powder....

    to help my mouth.  It is an amino acid, and when even plain water hurt, the L-glutamine did not.  It can be found at the health food store.


  • avisemi
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    Had not heard of Aloe. My

    Had not heard of Aloe. My husband used lglutamine and it helped. i think it helped with mucositis. I bought it on amazon.  hope all goes well!!