Here's to New beginnings. ,,,

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After a long awaited surgery, many consults, several good cries, lots of good meals, an excellent medical team and supportive family and friends, I am happy to be posting that surgery is complete.  Although there were some surprises both good and bad ... The over all results are very good.  Negative margins achieved at all local recurred sites and no need for any other extensive treatment other than a probabable continuance of chemo.  Saving the bigger guns for another day ... Or hopefully never needed! 

We went for cure here ... I feel positive it was achieved! 

I am healing very well ... Off all narcotics since day 2 ... Looking very positive for no complications. 

Hoping for a new beginning!


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    That all

    sounds great! Here's to new beginnings!



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    Wonderful news!

    It is so good to hear from you, and know that the surgery is all over, and you are well on the way to mending. 

    I hope that all of the bad guys were removed and that you will be free and clear for ever and ever. 

    Sue - Trubrit

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    This is great news. Thanks for sharing it.

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    John212 said:


    This is great news. Thanks for sharing it.


    here is to new beginnings, all is well. Glad to hear, speedy recovery.

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    Great News

    Very happy to hear this.  Negative margins is very good.  

    Cheers for your new beginning