Do symptoms worsen as you go through treatment


I have had my first set of chemo which the Dr's said would be the longest. I am feeling fatigue and the smell of food cooking makes me very nauseous,  but other that I am feeling ok. I have heard that you feel worst after every treatment and I have also heard that the first is the worst. Any input?


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    I'm on the same regimen as

    I'm on the same regimen as desertgirl. Just had my third AC last Wednesday. So far, the nausea actually got a little better. The fatigue feels the same but lasts a little longer each time. 

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    I think it depends on thchme

    I think it depends on the person AND what drugs are being used.  I was an ACT patient, doing chemo every other week, until I completed four of the Adriamycin/Cytoxan first and then four of the Taxol.  I was not sure how it would go for me but i found that taking my anti-puke drugs helped me deal with nothing more than some queasiness a few days after each AC infusion.  That was not a problem at all with the T, and I took no anti-puke drugs.  My oncologist told me that if the anti-puke drugs I was taking did not do the job, let them know and they could change the prescription.

    Can't say that the chemo kept me housebound, but there were days when I just preferred to stay put.  It wasn't too many in that two-week time span.  I think the Taxol bothered me a bit more.  That was more in the breathing, taking deep breaths.   Once I was done, that problem cleared up.

    Listen to your body.  See if you can figure out your post-chemo patterns.  Tell your oncologist, if you are having problems.