Scar Tissue problems

I had radiation and chemo for voice box cancer four years ago and have been cancer free since then. Lately I have had a very sore throat, itchy cough and pflem in my throat. I just went to my ENT, sure that my cancer had come back but thank goodness everything looked great. She said my symptons were from scar tissue from the radiation. Does anyone have any helpful treatments for these side effects, especially the sore throat? Thanks.


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    Sore Throat

    Teacuplady,  I love the name! Are you drinking enough water? I'm only ten months out of treatment,  but notice a sore throat if I don't stay well hydrated or if I  eat salty food. Another cause can be reflux. Sometimes scar tissue interferes with the mechanism that prevents acid from sneaking out of the stomach. I hope you find an answer soon.

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    Wow, sorry to hear that....

    I will agree with MrsDB. You can have acid reflux and not know it, I did. Also after my surgery they put me on the strongest Rx and I have to double dose to control it. You can try this for a few days and see if it helps. Only sleet on your left side or propped up the bed, not by pillows or sleep in a recliner. Acid reflux [GURD] can get so bad it can burn the back of your throat and can even be a cause of cancer as was my case. Radiation can also be causing this but it would not happen sudden, it would slowley get worse I believe. I'm no doctor, I just suffer from it and never new it. I naver had what you would call heartburn. Drink lots of water and watch out for chocolate, caffeine, soda, dary foods, as they all make you produce more acid to digest them. Best of luck with this.


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    teacup, my only problem was a

    teacup, my only problem was a cough that wouldn't go away and unfortunatly, i still have a cough even now, 3.5 yrs post.  you went to doc and got the all clear which is great, so i'm doing a happy dance for you.  you should always have something questionable looked at.  welcome to the family.

    God bless you,


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    Scar Tissue

    Thanks to everyone who wrote in to try to help me with my little problem. I never thought about acid reflux as I don't get heartburn. I do drink a lot of water all the time. I also eat a lot of dairy products as they are soothing to my throat, such as yogurt and ice cream. I do sleep on my left side all the time as I have a problem with the left side of my spine. I'll ask my doctor about the possibility of the scar tissue causing acid reflux.