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i just returned from MD AndersoN.  

Dr Eng also told me I did not qualify for the trial.  1.  There was a wait list and 2) she did not consider my cancer metasized. My 4 cm tumor is on my left uterer tube and has invaded my pelvic wall, muscle and sciatic nerve.  All my reports say I have met disease but Dr Eng considers it localized. 


Dr Eng brought my case to the tumor board and the surgeon, Dr Skibber recommended surgery to remove the tumor and part of the tube but I  will be left with colostomy bag   I have an appt in two weeks to talk to him   I am very nervous since two tumor boards in Colorado where I live told me surgery is out of the question   My trip to see Dr Eng was for the trial and now I'm faced with making this decision   Does anyone know anything about Dr john Skibber   Dr Enf says he's very gifted   I could not find much on the internet other than 1 malpractice suit in 2001  


Does any one have any experience with this surgeon you can share with me?





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    Dr. Skibber

    I was treated at MDA but did not have Dr. Skibber.  I know others that did and they were pleased with him.  I am in Colorado also and  when I was first diagonosed here the tumor board said I had rectal cancer.  I went to MDA and they diagonosed me as anal cancer and treated me accordingly.  

    You have a hard decision to make.  Could you possibly request to meet with Dr. Skibber first so you can ask more questions, even if it is by phone?  

    Where in Colorado do you live?  I am just south of Denver.


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    i had dr. skibber

    i had Dr Skibber during my tx at MD Anderson... 6 years ago and for all my follow ups.... he did DRE and Proctosigmoidoscopies on me.... he is great....not extremely talkative but will answer questions.... he helped to establish the NCCN protocol for anal cancer tx.... he does get called out for emergencies quite often probably because he is a good surgeon.....  sephie   i was stage 2 ...do not have a colostomy