Stage IV T3N2Mo Looking for answers

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Hello All,

My hubby is finally feeling good. Gained some weight which is great.  Went from 255k (and no not'3' big dude) all the way down to 170.No tube needed, but got pretty thin after treatments. He is 8 Months out now, and just weighed in at 188. He looks great, and is in my estimate 75% which is awesome.His diagnosis was met with 3 different opinions, and we even went for a robotic surgery pre-test to see if he was a canidate for.  Unfortunately he was not, and they used the terms, bulky and crossed the midline for the determing factors of not being able to preform surgury. He had the usual 35 weeks rads, and 3  12hr sessions of cisplatin, which was pure hell.. Like I said he is fine now, we go back in Dec. for a second PET scan.  I am hoping to hear of other sucess stories on here, where NO surgery also means a cure. I am also curious if this is also an idication, that he will need surgery in the future for recurrence, since no surgery, and how many people never need an further treatments..

Thank you for reaching out if you can.



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    lucky, i think you will find

    lucky, i think you will find they're many here who did not have surgery.  There are also many, many survivors here.  i wouldn't worry so much about surgery or recurrence, i'd concetrate on getting better and getting back to living.  your hubby is in a good place now that tx is finished so go out and live, celebrate and enjoy life.  we cannot do anything to change what our furtures hold, so we shouldn't waste time worrying about it.  congrats to your hubby for finishing tx.

    God bless you both.


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    No surgery

    Karen, I had only chemo and radiation as surgery wasn't an option.  Stage 4, tonsil and lymph nodes (I did have a tonsillectomy which was to find the primary) and that was over two years ago and so far so good and I'm homestry not worried about the future as that's something I can't control so I'm not going to waste any quality time worrying about it.  


    I have a new(6 month old) grand daughter and life is good

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    Yes it can and does...........

    There is many that never had surgery and all did very well and as time went on to get the ok it is gone. Most doctore do that in stages. first you get NED and concidered in remission until the fith year when you here Cured.

    The others will add better information than I can as I only had surgery due to my other conditions. You just take it one day at a time. You also should know you are not alone, we all at here for you and will give the support you need.


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    No Surgery

    Radiation and chemo ( Erbitux ) here. No surgery. Ten months after treatment ended,  my oncologists are pretty confident that I'll be fine. The last few years have seen some wonderful advances in treatment. We have every reason to be thankful and hopeful!