Can bloating be a sign of a reacurrence

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Hi again, I am having some bloating i think. I don't think it feels like gas. My shorts and pants are getting very tight around the waist. I have gained around 14 pounds in the last 4  months. I have been eating more junk but I cut down and still my stomach is big. I have MMMT utetine cancer Grade 3 Stage 2. All  17 nodes were clear.  I had everything out and had 5 rounds of taxal/carbo and 3 Brachytherpy treatments. My last one was late Oct 2014.  My CA 125 is always  9. I saw the Dr. on July 6th for my internal and everything looked good. My last CT scan was in Feb.2015 and all looked good. I have to eat gluten, soy, and  dairy free. I was very amemic do to my special diet and started  to take iron pills  a month ago and eat beef which I gave up a few years ago. Maybe the iron is making me bloat.  I have had 40 Ct scans in the last 12 years. (mostly looking for Celiac). I hate to keep getting more. I have had them 3 different times in the last year (pelvic-stomach and lung) all done at the same time.   I love this site and read it every day. I am just looking for answers from people that know. All of you are the best. thanks 


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    While bloating can be a sign of recurrence, there are also too many other causes of bloating to list. The most common causes are foods and medications. Iron supplements can cause both bloating and constipation. Are the iron supplements a recent change and did the bloating begin when you started taking the iron? Increasing your water intake and taking short frequent walks sometimes helps with bloating. Did you mention the bloating and weight gain to the doctor at your July visit? If not, it would be worth a call to let them know about it. Chemo and radiation can have long lasting digestive effects, as I'm sure some of the women here with experience will contribute some wisdom on.

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    namedropper, I think the post

    namedropper, I think the post from pam0422 was good and, like her, would suggest you just give the doctor a call.  How long have you had the bloating?  That is what they are going to want to know.  The gyn onc staff know that we have our worries and I have found that they were always more interested in erring on the side of caution.