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How long is the recovery time when tissue expanders or exchanged for implants? 


  • ballerina06
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    I had my exchange from

    I had my exchange from expander to implants in January this year. My implants just started feeling soft like real breast. They are still a little sore and sensitive in spots but otherwise, pretty much healed.

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    Tissue Expanders

    I had my expander removed and implant inserted on a Thursday and returned to work on Monday. The implant was much more softer and comfortable than the expander. 

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    Very quick

    My surgery to exchange the tissue expanders with my permanent implants was in the morning before breakfast and I was home before lunch.  I immediately felt much more comfortable with the implants and only felt tired and headachy for about 1-2 days afterward.  This surgery is a piece of cake. 

    Best of luck to you,