head and neck radiation/chemo recovery

I am almost six weeks out from finishing my treatment.  I have a patch of muscositis under my tounge that seems like it will be gone soon.  I would hope that when it goes there will be nothing preventing me from eating.  Its almost as if the mouth pain and not being able to eat is at least as bad as having cancer hanging over your head - at least there is a chance that after treatment you will never have cancer again.  Did you feel much better and happier when you could feel no pain in mouth and eat again?


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    No Doubt

    that when you can get back to no pain and eating again, your life although different from before cancer will seem to be back to normal in that aspect..  Foods may not taste the same and you will discover in time what foods do and do not.  I am 3 years since DX for Base of Tongue Stage IV, Chemo and 33 rads.  I hated when I could not taste anything and pretty much lived on Boost.   But now I can pretty much eat what I want although I tend to like softer juicier foods, and for some reason spicey the better.  So hang in there and I hope all your favorites resume in your menu.

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    Hi Stephanaudrey,

    Little by little the ability to eat what I wanted and the pleasure of taste returned and I felt like a child at Christmas! It's all about time and patience which are difficult hurdles to clear. I wish you well and bon appetite! josh r.

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    i just ate a shrimp salad with a donut chaser




    Congratulations on six weeks post.


    For me cancer is much worse than not eating. I took a slow boat to eating recovery but I never gave up and I love my smoothies.  It just takes time, lots of time (at least for me).  I went through a six pack of magic mouthwash so I know what throat, mouth and tongue discomfort is like.  I tried everything, some foods were good some were bad.


    Today, my taste buds are pretty darn good, but different and it takes a lot of liquid to live my life.   Don’t let it bring you  down, treated as a challenge. I ate tons of summer tomatoes and olive oil, go figure I loved it. You’ll find something you love too.




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    heck yes!  no pain and

    heck yes!  no pain and ability to eat again definitely equals HAPPINESS!!!  you also feel that you won and its a great feeling.  hang in there b/c it will get better.  i look forward to your "I ate today" post.

    God bless you,