Stage 4 and 4 Folfox treatments in

We found out that my beloved bf of 8yrs has stage 4 cancer 2 months ago. Doctor started him on chemo about 2 weeks after diagnosis as they first wanted to control the chrons flare up he was dealing with. It has so far been a crazy and heartbreaking ride. 34 just seems way too young to have to deal with this. His cancer is metastized to the peritoneal wall which makes things complicated, and he has ascites. When we started he was having 4 1/2 -5 ltrs of fluid drained on a weekly basis and now after 4 rounds of folfox we are down to 2.75ltrs. Good news it seems like! We have also been dealing with fevers that manifest on day 10 after chemo. The last 2 climbed up pretty high and we made trips to the emmergency but all tests came back good and show absolutely no reason for the fevers. So frustrating. The fevers are so debilitating and make him feel crappy and exhausted. Doctors say its tumor fever and that its weird but not unheard of. Anyone had fevers like this furing treatment??

To complicate matters a little more, drs have now told us that they do not know.where cancer started, but they suspect colon because of his long history with chrons disease. They see no obstructions nor growths on the actual colon and only biopsies for peritoneal cavity came back positive for carcinomatosis. We have been refered to a HIPEC specialist and he said that right now the mets on perioneal wall are too extensive for him to.succesfully operate. All this was concluded after only the original diagnostic scans. He ordered more scans and blood work after 6 rounds of chemo and we will check then where we are and if progress has been made. His last CEA showed a decrease from 57 to 26 so another reason to hope. 

Today we went in to see oncologist for routine check up and my poor bf was complaining of cramps all day.  He went to bathroom during the appoimtment and came back to tell us it had been a bloody mess in there. Literally a red toilet bowl of blood. Doctor immmediately sent him to emmerg where we are now getting transfused (hemoglobin was 65!) And we will now have to forgo the 5th round of chemo tmrrw. Oncologist said to not stress, as this is only a pause and we are not stopping. But it feels like we just got sucker punched. He is scared and sad and so am I. We really did not want to have to delay or pause chemo, but it is now inevitable. Anyone else have similar complications?? They dont know if the bleeding was caused by the cancer or the chrons. So much still seems a mistery. We are being attended at one of the top 10 cancer centres in the world, so.I hope we are in good hands. Im afraid this delay of chemo will.set is back and put us back at square one. 



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    Feeling sorry for you

    I am so sorry to read all the horrors that your boyfriend has been going through, as well as yourself. Its a hard journey, and I hope there is a happy ending. 

    I know others here have had HIPEC and survived. Abrub is one that comes to mind. 

    As for chemo being postponed; I think it happens to all of us at one point for some reason. Mine was postponed three different times, all for different reasons. Its frustrating, but it does not affect the Cancer, not in the long run. 

    I know with blood in the toilet, a little can look like allot; so its hard to judge. 

    I do so hope things start looking up, soon. The drop in CEA is promising.

    Come here for support and we'll be here for you. 

    Sue - Trubrit