Check-up time


     I had my CT scams yesterday, I see my onclogist in the morning, today has been rough. I know others go through this too. I'm sure someone has a snappy name for this wierd spot in time. I have things to get done , and any other day I would be doing them. Its this one day between doing the tests and waiting for the results. Its been 18 months since surgery and I've been through this before, just feel like I'm walking in wet cement today.



  • red750
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    Hi Donald,All the best

    Hi Donald,

    All the best with your results, mate. I've been through the same thing three or four times. Another check-up at the end of this month - blood test only this time, no CT scan. I figure if you feel well, keep a positive attitude and assume all will be well. No point getting down for nothing. Plenty of time to contemplate things if the news is not as you would wish. In the meantime, I will keep my eye out for your next report. My prayers are with you.


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    Options're in my prayers're in my prayers brother. Hoping for good news.