fit radiation mask today

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So, I went and fitted mask today with no problems.9 snaps, cut-outs, the whole bit.  They said when treatment starts I should be off the table within 15 minutes.  1st session on 10 Aug I believe, with 1st chemo on Tuesday the 4th.  Now I am already starting to deal with constipation Embarassed.  Irrigated the PEG once today but was told not to use it until necessary.  The dietician is sending some concoction in cans for me to start with.  I am grr'ing about this PEG flopping all around.  At first i tried taping it but I am too hairy so it wouldn't hold.  I remember seeing some mention here of an ACE wrap (big TY) to hold it so that is how I am rolling right now.  Will see if my primary care Dr can order me something for it..So I have 4 days to get relaxed before the REAL fight begins.  Trying to train myself to sip water constantly, and to stop here for support and reassurance.


Also just found out the exact cancer I have, which is supraglottal, a 5cm mass and left adenoid a 3cm mass, so now I can thoroughly research all of this unwinding revelation of information.. Almost 4am, needing sleep bad, but guess I better get used to it.


Thanks again everyone.  Happy Friday.


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    Yes...there have been many

    love/hate relationships with Miss Peggy....I started out taping (pain in the butt)....then tucking into my bra, then into my pants...and then found out about lycra/cotton T-shirts (they make them for men, too...found on at last was solved for me Smile.  She's always inconviently hanging around....but when you need her, she'll be there and may just save your bacon.  I never needed to use her till radiation was over...but when I did need her, I needed her full time, and was glad she was there.

    I think once you actually start treatment, you'll start to relax a little.  Something about joining the fight instead of listening to everybody around you talk about it....actively getting in there allows us to put our concentration into kicking cancer ****....and not feel like a bystander.

    Don't do too much research....the internet has a way of scaring the crap out of people with not so up-to-date information.  I gave up googling as soon as the folks on here told me this day it's still the best advice I ever got.



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    m, i'm so glad you are on

    m, i'm so glad you are on your way!  soon you will be ringing the bell!  glad it went well for you and i'm sure the tx will also.  we will be here for you when you need us.

    God bless you,