My 34 year old wife has S3 LTD SCLC

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In the middle of April, 2015 my wife had unexplained facial/neck swelling, and bruising on her upper torso.  She saw her PCP, CT Scan was set up the following day, they saw a large mass, Oncologist, Virginia Cancer Institute was set up the next day, admitted to hospital that afternoon, Biopsy the following day, found  out it was Malignant, Small Cell Lung Cancer.  First of 30 Radiation treatments began immediately.  Her cycle of Chemo was 3 days of treatments every 3 weeks.  She has finished all Radiation, 5 rounds of Chemo done, 1 more scheduled.  Last Ct Scan showed less than 20% of original tumor in lung left, originally the size of a softball.  The Oncologists at VCI are very optimistic of a cure.  Looking forward to good results from PET SCAN after next Chemo.  Staying positive, we have 2 boys, ages 3 and 7, this has been a very difficult ordeal for us all, as our lives will be forever changed. We have no idea what lies ahead of us.  We are blessed in so many ways with a core group of friends and family members to help out with her needs as well as keeping the boys normal routine as well.  Over the last 3 months, I have spent countless hours researching this disease, and amid a turbulent sea of bad prognosis' and grim statistics, it is a heavenly blessing to come here and other forums like this, and see shining glimmers of hope at a cure.  Thank you all for your personal testimonials, which give me, my young wife's caregiver, a ray of sunshine on those cloudy days.  God Bless you all, fighters, survivors, caregivers, and the memories off loved ones that has lost the battle to this horrible disease.


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    Attitude and support teams

    Attitude and support teams are two very important ingredients for putting this disease into a state where there is no evidence of disease or NED.  Please know that I've a coworker whose husband has entered his 7th year as a sclc survivor.  

    Because your wife is so young would she be willing to participate in a study that explores why young people get Lung Cancer?  Please know that the average onset if this disease is age 70 and that the typical sclc patient is male with a 40 year history of smoking.  The Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation is driving this study.  They can be found at