How to deal with the foul odour during Radiotherapy


Hi everyone, I was diagnosed in August 2014 with Medullary Thyroid Cancer. I have had 3 operations, but it was decided that I should have radiotherapy to try to blitz any remaining cancer cells. 

I'm now 4 days into the Radiotherapy Treatment but have been really suffering because of the foul odour (it smells a bit like chlorine... only much worse). The odour has been making me feel very nausious and im finding it very difficult to cope with the treatment because of it. I have tried holding my breath, but i still smell the odour even whilst not breathing in. This morning they put Vicks Vapo Rub under my nose and on the mask to try to conceal the smell, but it only lasted about a minute before wearing off. 

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? And if they had anything that might help make it easier to deal with?

Thank you xxx


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    Avoid Foul Odour During Therapy

    I'm sorry about the odour you smell.  I don't know a specific solution, but there are research reports that the more miso soup cups you drink a day, the more protected you are from radiation's negative effects.  Be sure to not boil the miso, but simmer it for about 12 minutes to maximize the benefit.  Take miso before your treatments and continue them for a long time afterwards.

    Hope this might help you. :)