How does the Diagnosing work?


   I'm 23 years old. I have NOT been diagnosed with cancer or anything. But I'm a mother of some wonderful little girls so I need to know things in as much advance as possible! If any one could help me it would be greatly appreciated!

heres the story..

almost 2weeks ago I awoke with my normal slight sore throat. I started to help my husband get everything ready for work. about an hour goes by I feel like something's in my throat. Within three hours I had to go to the er my throat was almost swollen shut. In the er they had absolutely no clue what it was but said it was definitely an infection started me immediately on Iv antibiotics. They never did a culture. I asked if there was an on call ent they said no and refused to send me to one of the hospitals near by who had an ent. they ordered a ct scan and could see "my lingual tonsils" was swollen. Thy told me it was pointless to transfer it was Thursday and no doctors going to want to do anything on the weekend. I stayed in the er for 5 days I developed chest pains they said was my lymphnodes. they constantly kept me on fluids even though I no longer needed them until I was unbelievably swollen and beat red. My granny who is an run had to tell the doctor thT he needed to remove the fluids ... And he did thankfully! But my time consisted of them keeping me to use as a guinea pig. They finally released me and I went and saw an ent 2 days later. The ent told me my WBC had stayed elivated in the hospital which he didn't like . He took a look at my throat walked right ou came back and said I have a mass of tissue in my throat and he had absolutely no clue what it was thatB I had to have a biopsy this week before he could tell me what it was.... Of course I'm concerned but I haven't mentions anything to anyone including my husband i don't want my family to worry if there's nothing to worry about. But I just want to know has anyone had this or something simular?? What am I expecting as far as the biopsy and how long will it take to get results .. I just need to know something because I'm so clueless right now thank y'all so much!! Sorry for the misspelling my phone I acting up!!


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    When the biospy results come back you will have some answers. Until then, my suggestion is not to read too much on the Internet. It can be inaccurate and worrisome. Hopefully, this is something benign. Think positive and take things as they come and then deal with them. Time spent on worry is wasted. If your biopsy is positive, you have found the best site for honest and compasionate answers. 

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    Welcome, to the H&N forum, I hope your visit is short (no cancer).

    The biopsy will tell you whether it is (most likely) cancer or not.  From there you follow a designated path of treatment.  We always say it is not cancer until they tell you it is cancer.

    I had no pain whatsoever associated with cancer, I was not sick, the only clue I had was a swollen lymph node on my neck.

    Good luck,


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    I'm not a doctor but I have had both throat cancer and an allergic reaction when my throat swelled shut. Cancer came on slowly. The allergic reaction closed my throat in an hour and I spent several days in the hospital. Infections can also cause your symptoms. Waiting is hard, but the best advice we can give you is to wait for your biopsy results before you worry about cancer. I pray there will be an answer with a simple solution for you soon.

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    meg, i just want to say

    meg, i just want to say welcome and i'm sorry for the fear you're feeling right now.  unfortunately, nothing can be decided or planned until biopsy results are in.  i will be praying it is not cancer and whatever it is, has an easy fix.  hang in there and please let us know what you find out.

    God bless you,


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    Sorry you find yourself in this situation but everyone is right, it ain't cancer until they say it is. I've heard of situations like yours that was cancer and others that were not. Mine was similar to yours, I had a lump in my thyroat that food would get caught on and diagnosed visibly as a Thorndat (sp) cyst. There was no pain or swelling, but there was a few times I coughed up some blood. At this point there is no need to go into details on any type of treatment because it may not be cancer. Some doctors and  facilities can tell you by the time wake up from taking the biopsy what it is.

    Stay positive and I hope your next visit with us is to inform us of an infection that a drug or two will take care of.


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    Welcome to the H&N Group

    Welcome to the group, and sorry you think you might need to be here. When you have an infection or your toncels are swollen your WBC count will go up as it is fighting. I have had an alergic reaction and my throat got swollen very fast in 30 min or so. My tumor grew slow and it took about a year to get to 3 cc. You most likely will not have pain with cancer. Just be aware of any changes [won't mean cancer] like having pain in the ear on the same side as the tonsil. If you cough up anything discolored take a photo with your phone so you can show the doctor and he will know what you are saying. After the biopsy it will be a few days befor you know anything. If you have any questions, write them down and leave spact for the answers. Just hand them to the doctor and have someone go with you. Two sets of ears is better to have.

    It sounds like really swollen tonsils or an allergic reaction, but allways check it out. It's not cancer until a doctor tells you it is. Just try to take one day at a time and you will get through this. We will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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    Thank you

    The report from the doctor said the growth was on the tonsil I dont know if it caused the swelling I know a number if things can cause an allergic reaction but I didn't eat or drink anything prior too. I'be managed to stay pretty positive but still in the back of my mind there's always the thought of something wrong. The doctors office did not send my report off until I called yesterday so I'm still waiting on a call for the date they said I would know in the morning. I did tell my sister and husband but I've told them there was nothing to worry about until the doctor says so. I just want to thank each of you. this is an amazing site an y'all are extremely supportive! And I will update hopefully with good news as soon as my results are in!