Afraid all the time

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i feel like I am in constant fear!  My husband had stage IIIB breast cancer 12 years ago, then 7 years ago my 11 year old son was diagnosed with a golf ball size tumor of a liposarcoma in his throat and now at the age of 19, another liposarcoma has been found at the base of his tongue.  My husband and son are doing well, but I am a mess.  Every time I think this is all behind us, something else comes along.  Plus I have lost three friends in the past 6 months to cancer and a friend's young son just died at the age of 7.  

I worry so much about my son and what the future holds for him.  The doctors seem to know very little about the type of liposarcoma he has because it is growing in an area of the body that they have not encountered before.  These are doctors at UCLA and Duke.  

Help!  How do others cope with this waiting for the other shoe to drop!


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    I can relate

    I can relate to the fear. My husband has stage IV metastatic melanoma and I feel as if I'm in a constant state of terror. I try not to project into the future and take it one day at a time - get through today and worry about tomorrow when it comes. It isn't easy and I have no answers. This is still fairly new to us and I don't know how people who have dealt with it for a long time handle it.

    Any input from anyone?